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Sometimes it seems like small town/small church ministry has fallen off the radar. Urban and Suburban churches get a lot of press. Their size, resources and public persona are impressive. They often have a large budget and large staff. And we should celebrate the work God is doing through this ministries.

Small Church ministry isn’t as exciting. Things happen more slowly in small churches. Small churches often have a pastor or two and a small group of committed volunteers. Small church pastors live in anonymity with very few people having any idea of who they are or what they are doing.  It’s easy for small church pastors/leaders to get discouraged!

Persistent Persevering Ministry

There is a place for the small town/small church. In fact, these churches might be God’s way of preserving Christianity in antagonistic cultures.

I want to encourage you to read the article I linked to below. Here’s one paragraph from the article that I found interesting. It has implications for small town/small church ministry.

Despite many centuries of Muslim domination, the Coptic Church has pressed on as an embattled and marginalized minority.  What made the difference?  You guessed it.  Villages. Small Towns. Rural Areas.  When the Christian faith sunk deep roots into the lives of the common people in the local language in rural areas, the church survived the political and religious turmoil that devastated the churches in major cities. (Karl Dahlfred)

I once heard Chip Ingram suggest that small town churches are, in many ways, the last front for Christianity in America. Hmmmm….

Here’s the link to the article I reference:

Why Villages Matter: How the Church Died in North Africa, but Survived in Egypt

Twitter In recent years, it has become popular among evangelicals (especially Reformed evangelicals) to emphasize church planting in big cities. Numerous books, articles, and blog posts have put forth the call to plant churches in the major urban centers of the world,under the belief that what happens in the […]

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