Are You Stuck, Confused, or Busy? By: Brandi Jordan

The actual logistics of starting a website or a blog has never been easier. With tools like WordPress and one click installs through some web hosts, you can get a website or blog up and running in 30 minutes. Difficulty is no longer an excuse for pastors and ministry leaders to not start their own blog or website.

Actually staring and maintaing a blog is difficult for other reasons:

    1. Busyness

      It’s the affliction that all of us deal with. Most of us are so overwhelmed with the tyranny of the urgent that adding one more thing, even another important thing is overwhelming. Prioritizing time to write has been incredibly difficult. As a pastor there are so many other things that steal my attention. Busyness is to the curse of my life. At the same time, all of us make time for what’s important. We all need to ask ourselves, “Is this important enough for me to set aside time to make it happen?” In some situations, the answer is no. If it doesn’t make your list of priorities stop reading now.

    2. Lack of Clarity

      A lot of people lack the clarity to know how to use a blog or site. They know they need (or at least would like) an online presence, but don’t have clarity to know how to stay focussed, write great content, build a network, begin connecting with others, and use their medium effectively. Lack of clarity leads to writers block, halfhazard writing, or content schizophrenia.

    3. Lack of Discipline

      This may be my biggest thorn in the flesh. Maintaining a blog takes discipline. I would be so much more effective if I maintained a schedule. Having a set time to write, writing goals, a plan for connecting with others and building a network is essential and yet lack of discipline keeps me from success.

    4. No Accountability

      I am a big believer in coaching and accountability. Success is so much more possible if two or three people are holding each other accountable or if you have a coach to “hold your feet to the fire.”

I’m sure more could be said and I would interested to hear other people chime in.

Here are some suggestions, things I want to put into place that would make blogging more fulfilling personally and more effective on a ministry level. I hope these suggestions get you to thinking about what might work for you?

Set Writing Goals

Having goals and a setting schedule would make a huge difference. Calendaring time to write content and connect with people is so much more effective than hoping to find the time. There is something about say, “I am going to write 3 posts a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each day I am going to write and edit for an hour and then connect with people for another hour.”

Find a Coach or Accountability Partner

Getting things done and finding success in this arena is so much easier with a coach or accountability partner. Find two or three people who are interesting in comparing notes, encouraging discipline, and sharing ideas. There’s something about someone asking the questions like, “Have you been writing lately? How is your website coming along? What was the most recent thing you wrote about?” If you can’t find someone to help you be accountable consider getting a coach.


Having a plan is vital to success. There are resources out there to that can help you develop an online presence and come up with a plan for writing content, building your network and establishing a strong online platform.

In coming posts I hope to write more about how to develop a strong online presence!

Blessings, Bryan

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