Blog Tips

If you’re a pastor, ministry leader, or missionary you should consider blogging. But the question is, what should you write about? Here are some blogging tips for ministry leaders:
  1. Write about your schedule. What does an average day look like for you? Chances are most people don’t know.
  2. Write a post about a book you just read and how it impacted you.
  3. Share a story about someone who has impacted your life.
  4. Write a post about a recent prayer that was answered.
  5. Write a post about a passage of scripture.
  6. If you’re stumped invite a friend, church member or supporter to write an article about something you would like your readers to hear.
  7. Pick a theme to write about and split it into 3 or 4 posts.

Blogger’s block, also called writer’s block, is a bigger issue than most of us realize. I recently talked to a friend about the difficult of maintaing a writing rhythm. There a several factors can get in the way of writing and one of them is fresh, relevant content. One of the things to keep in mind though is that the best content will often come from our daily schedule, the people we meet with, or even the news we watch. The key is to grab a thought and then to flesh it out.

It’s also important to push through blocks by engaging the things that are keeping us from writing. Examples of things that keep us from writing are a lack of available time, lack of creativity, discouragement, laziness, lack of scheduled time, and you can fill in the blank. It really important to identify blockages and then engage them. Call them out, and then cast them out by coming up with a plan to overcome whatever it is that keeps you stalled.

What are your ideas? Are you already blogging and if so what kinds of things do you blog about?

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