Success in ministry is not necessarily

  • having the largest church in your community
  • having a large budget
  • having multiple staff
  • having a personal secretary or a secretarial staff
  • having a personal expense allowance
  • having an awesome sound system in your sanctuary
  • having more financial supporters than any other missionary
  • having the newest smartphone, laptop, or techno-gadget
  • having an ipad
  • or an iphone (I know I am being repetitive)
  • having an awesome church, non-profit, or personal website/blog
  • having a large salary

We know all of these things however reminding ourselves of them is important. It’s really important for individuals like me who tend to find significance from all of the above. It important to Define what success in ministry is and is not. What is success in ministry for you? How do you gauge whether or not your are successful?

It’s seems cliché to say that success has so much more to do with our relationship with God, obedience to his Word, and fulfilling his call our lives. Take some time to answer the questions above. Be honest. Write down your answers. Then try to define how to focus on real success in ministry.

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