Absolutely! Blogging is another way to personally connect with your congregation, supporters, prayer team, or network. Blogging will never replace face-to-face interaction for most of us, but it can be an important addition to other ways of communicating.

Ten Reasons to Blog:

    1. It’s impossible to have face-to-face interaction with all of the people in our lives, particularly if you’re a ministry leader. People often feel disconnected from the ministry leaders in their lives. Writing can help change that because it is one way for you to invite  people into a conversation.
    2. Your communication/writing is available when other people have the time to read it. You can also post audio and video content for people to access. You can be as creative as your energies and time allow.
    3. Inspiration can be captured and conveyed while it’s still on your mind.
    4. Blogging is a great way to drive home an additional thought or to teach a truth.
    5. You can share things while they are fresh on your mind. Share that story before it gets forgotten.
    6. You can engage people in discussion. Ask a question, encourage people to comment, or give people a challenge and then invite them back to tell you how it went.
    7. Build a more informed network of supporters. Informed people pray! They also tend to be more involved.
    8. It’s easy. It’s also hard, because it takes discipline and creativity, but remember, anyone can do it. It takes time, diligence and thought, but the logistics of it aren’t that difficult.
    9. It’s inexpensive. WordPress has made blogging available to everyone. The costs are minimal – buying a domain and hosting are the only required costs. If you buy a hosting package through BlueHost you get a domain for free the first year.
    10. It will help you become a better communicator!

What should you blog about? If you’re struggling with what to write about, here are some ideas .

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