Tame your workaholic tendenciesIt hard to believe that I’ve been a pastor for nearly two decades. I have also had the privilege of spending time with great pastors. In the process of both, I have learned a few things about the habits of great pastors. If you want to be a great pastor:

  1. Spend personal time with God.
  2. Stay in the Word of God personally, not just for studying. Let the Word of God saturate every part of your life.
  3. Pray a list of prayers.
  4. When people ask you to pray, pray with them immediately, follow up on their prayer requests, and ask them how things are going.
  5. When people express a hurt, follow up with a card, call, and visit.
  6. Spend time encouraging and mentoring a small group of people.
  7. Stay accountable to church boards, committees and ministry teams.
  8. Stay accountable to a small group of colleagues/friends.
  9. Keep Learning. Read books. Attend Seminars. Meet with people you admire and ask them questions.
  10. Use your time effectively. Keep track of your schedule and eliminate time wasters. Focus on the things that have a return on time invested. Ask a few other people to evaluate your schedule and give thoughts/advice.
  11. Use your day off and plan extra time off on a regular basis.
  12. Do the things you love doing as a pastor most of the time. 80% of pastoral ministry should fall into the love category. If you don’t love what you do most of the time you’re either in the wrong position or wrong place. Maybe even the wrong profession.
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