Photo Credit: muchlisus via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: muchlisus via Compfight cc

It’s difficult to stay consistent without a plan. This is a general life truth and a good reminder. So what does it look like to have a plan for social media in ministry?

Social media is an extension of other kinds of ministry. The goal is to encourage, keep people connected, communicate with people, love on people, and help extend your church’s testimony in your community. Consistency is the key. Without it, your story gets lost in the milieu of noise, the news, and the non-important items cluttering most social media timelines.

Here’s a sample content calendar. Maybe it will give you some ideas for how to create your own social media schedule.


Mondays are follow-up days from Sundays. Post a quote from Sunday’s sermon along with a picture from the service. Post the audio from Sunday’s sermon. Change your cover photo. Also, think about posting two or three more items throughout the day. Examples: A ministry reminder, an inspirational scripture with a picture, and or a volunteer snapshot with a thank you for serving.

Tuesdays are prepare days. In most churches, Wednesdays are a big day, particularly during the school year. A lot of ministries happen midweek which means Tuesdays are great days to point to Wednesdays. Post an article, announcement or picture about midweek ministries. Post an upcoming announcement about a major event. Post the video of Sunday’s sermon if you record video. Post a staff members favorite verse or devotional thought.

Wednesdays are a great day to encourage people. Post an attention-grabbing quote with a picture background. Inspiration stories and videos are also great encouragers. If your church has a blog, Wednesdays are great days for blog links to go live. Promote your facebook page and new website content on Wednesdays.

Thursdays are a good day to post a picture of your worship team practice, small group gatherings, or other ministries in action. If your children’s ministry is getting ready for Sunday, post a picture of your volunteers preparing their classrooms or activities. Post the dates of fun celebrations (a staff member’s/volunteer’s birthday, anniversary, work anniversary or some kind of ministry celebration). Post links to your main e-news.

Fridays can be an invitation to reflect and prepare for the weekend. Post an invitation to pray for the weekend message. Post the theme verse and topic for the Sunday sermon. Later in the day another inspirational quote, scripture, video or picture would work well.

Saturdays are a good days to have some fun! What about having a weekend giveaway? Enter people who like or share a post in a drawing for a gift certificate to a local coffee shop. Other giveaways could be a devotional book, DVD, lunch with a pastor, or a puppy (just kidding!). Just be creative!

Sundays are about corporate worship. Invite people your worship services. Post an encouraging scripture. Post live pictures from your worship service. Sunday’s are a great opportunity to tell people more about the message theme and key verse. You could even post a couple of quotes from the sermon as the service is happening. If you have a live stream make sure to post a link to the live stream.

Hope these ideas help! If you have a content calendar in place, maybe you could suggest some ideas for the rest of us to think about.

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