The Tyranny of the Urgent keeps many of us from being able to keep up with communication and social media. Face it. There are often too many things to do and posting updates to your church’s Facebook page often hits the backburner. Regular updates often consist of the sermon audio or maybe a few announcements. So how can you keep your church’s social media fresh, relevant, current, and creative?

Here are some ideas on how to produce great content for your social media platforms in 1 hour or less a week. This article by Josh Burns can be found at When your done reading it, consider coming back and commenting on it. Let me know what works or doesn’t work for you. Ask questions, share thoughts, or start a discussion?

Create social content in 1 hour a week? Seems impossible, right? You’re the communications director at your church — or even the pastor — which means you’re wearing multiple hats: designer, copywriter, web manager, social media manager, and more. You’re tasked with doing all these things, and the area […]



  • The Tyranny of the Urgent isn’t just a cute phrase. It’s a book by Charles E. Hummel. Below is a short summary of the book. I highly recommend the book. It’s a great read for ministry leaders.

Gathered in this book are proven principles taken straight from biblical teaching, from today’s time-management experts and from Hummel’s own life experience. You’ll discover how to

  • make the calendar your friend
  • manage your life instead of your time
  • get motivated
  • stay open to God’s guidance in small choices
  • avoid being dragged down by past choices
  • develop “inner time” for reflection and planning

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