Big Church Assumptions about Small Churches

Christianity Today recently published an article titled 7 Big Church Assumptions that Unintentionally Hurt Small Churches by Karl Vader. If you’re a small church pastor, you will identify with several of the points. You can read the article on the Christianity Today website, but here’s a summary of the 7 points, in my own words.

Big Churches Sometimes Think:

  1. Small Churches are broken churches.
  2. We’re the professional, you’re the amateurs.
  3. Our victories will automatically work in your setting.
  4. You’re lazy and or stupid, which is why there’s less growth.
  5. Small equals, God’s not working.
  6. Since you’re not growing in size, you must be unhealthy.
  7. You can’t teach us anything.

It’s important for those of us who pastor small churches to remember that an article called 7 Small Church Assumptions that Unintentionally Hurt Big Churches could easily be written. All of us have made wrong assumptions about each other. And those assumptions sometimes hurt the other. Maybe a heart check on both sides can help us see the benefits we have in each other. Furthermore, it’s important for us to remember that sometimes we read too much into each others assumptions.

If you’re interested in reading the Christianity Today article there’s a short excerpt below along with the link to the article.

7 Big Church Assumptions that Unintentionally Hurt Small Churches

If you were trying to help someone, would you want to know if you were unintentionally hurting them? Of course. Sometimes that’s what happens when big churches try to help small churches. Not every time. Not even most of the time. But often enough that […]

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