CMS BenefitsA good CMS will help you communicate more effectively with your church family and all of the individuals associated with each ministry. In order to communicate well, you need to have people’s contact information. It’s also important to know how best to contact people whether it be phone, text message, email, or social media.

A good CMS will help you, help people grow spiritually. Moving people from a first time commitment to Christ, to a maturing relationship with God, and ultimately ministry is essential. A good CMS will help you keep track of when people make spiritual progress, get involved in spiritual growth opportunities, and begin ministering to others by volunteering to lead in ministries and missions.

A good CMS will help you gage levels of involvement. The best systems have a way of helping you gage the various levels of individual involvement in your ministries. For instance, how many people attend a small group, kid’s ministry, or youth ministry? How many people are uninvolved? How many people have made a formal commitment to local church membership? Answering questions like this may help you know how to minister to your congregation or organization more effectively.

A good CMS will help you track financial giving. One aspect of involvement is financial giving. It certainly shouldn’t be the primary aspect, but it is important for both donors and for your organization. Giving trends help you know certain things about the health of your organization and the commitment level of each individual. The amount isn’t as important as just know if people are giving sacrificially and prayerfully.

A good CMS will help you support the volunteers who help minister in your organization. Volunteers need support, encouragement, and training. They need constant communication and help knowing how to do their jobs well. Example volunteer groups are the individual ministries (Kids, youth, small groups), committees, boards, and service organizations. Your CMS should help keep you in contact with volunteers and assist in encouraging and training them for the work they do. A good system will also let them register for and manage their own assignments, receive reminders, and request substitutes.

A good CMS will help you see what’s happening via reports and directories. There needs to be a way for us to track attendance, pay attention to giving, and produce directories for communication. Whatever system we use; we should use one that produces at least basic reports to help us “see” what’s going on “at a glance.”

10 Church (Ministry) Management Systems to Consider

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