Why Small Town Ministry Matters: Lessons from History

Why Villages Matter: How the Church Died in North Africa, but Survived in Egypt

Why Small Town Ministry Still Matters! Sometimes it seems like small town/small church ministry has fallen off the radar. Urban and Suburban churches get a lot of press. Their size, resources and public persona are impressive. They often have a large budget and large staff. And we should celebrate the work God is doing through this […]

Why Don’t Small Churches Grow? (Actually, They Do)

Why Don’t Small Churches Grow? (Actually, They Do)

Karl Vaters is one of the most prolific bloggers on small church ministry. His recent article on why small churches don’t grow is excellent. Small Churches and Small Church Pastors I have been pastoring a church in a small town for the last 16 years and know how often questions like these come to mind. […]

How Big Churches Sometimes Hurt Small Churches

Big Church Assumptions about Small Churches Christianity Today recently published an article titled 7 Big Church Assumptions that Unintentionally Hurt Small Churches by Karl Vader. If you’re a small church pastor, you will identify with several of the points. You can read the article on the Christianity Today website, but here’s a summary of the 7 […]

10 Ministry Tips for Small Church Leaders

Small Church Leadership Ministry in small churches and small communities looks different. Unfortunately, most of the books on how to “do ministry” are written by pastors of larger churches in suburban or urban areas. Their ideas are relevant to an extent because the body of Christ is the body of Christ. At the same time, […]

How Churches Can Thrive During the Summer Slump

Attendance is a big deal. Churches depend on it and pastor’s egos are often tied to it. That said, the attendance trap can be psychologically discouraging (for pastors) and a poor measure of the spiritual health of a church. While all of the above is true, attendance is still an important aspect of church life. […]

Keeping the Sabbath – Sociological Studies on Church Attendance

Memorial Day has become the official kickoff for summer. Summers certainly look different for most churches and church members. The article below is an interesting read on church attendance. Before reading the article, consider reading my thoughts on How Churches Can Thrive During the Summer Slump. My thoughts include links to the article below along with […]