How Big Churches Sometimes Hurt Small Churches

Photo credit: Jan Charles Linus Ekenstam via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Big Church Assumptions about Small Churches Christianity Today recently published an article titled 7 Big Church Assumptions that Unintentionally Hurt Small Churches by Karl Vader. If you’re a small church pastor, you will identify with several of the points. You can read the article on the Christianity Today website, but here’s a summary of the 7 […]

10 Ministry Tips for Small Church Leaders

Small Church Leadership Ministry in small churches and small communities looks different. Unfortunately, most of the books on how to “do ministry” are written by pastors of larger churches in suburban or urban areas. Their ideas are relevant to an extent because the body of Christ is the body of Christ. At the same time, […]

How Churches Can Thrive During the Summer Slump

Attendance is a big deal. Churches depend on it and pastor’s egos are often tied to it. That said, the attendance trap can be psychologically discouraging (for pastors) and a poor measure of the spiritual health of a church. While all of the above is true, attendance is still an important aspect of church life. […]

Keeping the Sabbath – Sociological Studies on Church Attendance

Memorial Day has become the official kickoff for summer. Summers certainly look different for most churches and church members. The article below is an interesting read on church attendance. Before reading the article, consider reading my thoughts on How Churches Can Thrive During the Summer Slump. My thoughts include links to the article below along with […]

How to Use Social Media Effectively in the Church

Effective Social Media has an article about How to use Social Media Effectively in the Church. My favorite is: “Update, update, update?” After reading the article it would be great to hear ideas, thoughts or questions about social media effectiveness. Come back and comment below. People will engage, and it can be more successful at keeping people […]

How to Create Church Social Media Content in Just 1 Hour a Week

The Tyranny of the Urgent keeps many of us from being able to keep up with communication and social media. Face it. There are often too many things to do and posting updates to your church’s Facebook page often hits the backburner. Regular updates often consist of the sermon audio or maybe a few announcements. […]

7 Steps to a More Successful Church Bulletin

7 Steps to a More Successful Church Bulletin

Do you still have a church bulletin? Regardless of what you call it, the bulletin (Newsletter, handout, Weekly flyer, announcements) can still be effective. Church Tech Today has some tips about church bulletins. Does your church have a bulletin or the equivalent? What is effective? What’s not? I would love to hear your thoughts. The […]